Exploring... Berrynaked (organic pops + purées)

By Lifeofpjern - August 12, 2017

Berrynaked store in Inwood Village (Dallas)
Berrynaked is an organic pops and purées store. I heard of them on Instagram after they liked one of my pics of a Dallas eatery; I checked out their page and the pops looked delicious. I was finally able to go and try it.
Green tea and Coffee pops
We ended up getting the Green tea Matcha Latte and Coffee flavors. I'm a big fan of green tea so if you like green tea then the green tea one is defintely for you. As for the coffee one, I felt like it was very strong but then again I'm not an avid coffee drinker. Do I think coffee lovers would love it though? Yes. They have several different flavors plus you can get it dripped/drizzled if you'd like. It is kind of pricey for a pop but it is organic and organic products/foods do tend to be more expensive. Overall it was good so I do plan on going back again.

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