My First Ulta Online Shopping Came In... (Unveiling Makeup Haul)

By Lifeofpjern - August 10, 2017

I like makeup, I just don't wear it often cause it takes me forever to put it on and I really don't have time to put some on everyday. But, with that, I decided to order some makeup online as a birthday gift to myself. I saw that Ulta had a special of a FREE 12pc gift w/any $19.50 ULTA Beauty Collection purchase. From all the things they had, the Melisa Michelle Makeup Palette was calling my name cause it looked so pretty and girly, plus you can't knock it when other palettes cost more than double the price. In addition, you also get a free sample, so heyyy! lol Below is my unveil of my makeup haul:
My Ulta Shipment came in 😊

The 3 things that came inside the box

The 2 free samples: Facial Cleansing Oil and Serum

The outside of the Melisa Michelle Makeup Palette

The inside of the Melisa Michelle Makeup Palette, so pretty! 💕

The FREE 12pc Gift (outside)

What's inside the FREE 12pc Gift

All together
All in all, I must say it was a good deal just on the quantity of things that there is. When I do get a chance to try them on, I'll let y'all know what I think.

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