Exploring... Dallas Farmers Market

By Lifeofpjern - August 21, 2017

Over the weekend I got a chance to finally check out the Dallas Farmers Market. I was able to go to The Shed (Open F-Sun) and The Market Shops (Open Daily).
Paul’s Sweet Roasted Corn
I went with my family and we visited The Shed first. As soon as we got there we saw the roasted corn and bought some; I want to say that it's a Mexican thing to just buy corn when someone is selling it lol We walked around, saw some things we liked but decided to go check out The Market Shops next.
Doc Popcorn & Palmieri Cafe drinks
We had seen ads for the Palmieri Cafe that sold coffee art which made us want to try it out. While trying to find that shop we saw several shops selling knick knacks that were cute. We also saw several snack shops but the only one calling our name was the one that was selling caramel popcorn so we decided to buy a popcorn bag from Doc Popcorn. When we did find the Palmieri Cafe, we ordered the coffee art plus a Matcha Latte.
Everett and Elaine
After we finished our drinks we went back to The Shed to buy a cookie from Everett and Elaine. They had several selections but we went with the classic Chocolate Chip cookie.
P.S. Since it was hot we decided to leave and go to Berrynaked. Since my brother hadn't tried Berrynaked last time, this was his first time trying it out.
We got Watermelon, Hydrate (drizzled), and Cookies 'N Cream (dipped and drizzled). I didn't think I was going to like Hydrate as much as I did. If you live in the DFW area, definitely go to Berrynaked cause the weather is no joke rn.

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