First Time Tries (FTT)

By Lifeofpjern - February 14, 2019

Hello Everyone 😃

I love trying out new things, mainly DIY's, so I'm planning on sharing my first time trying out new things with y'all and I'm calling it First Time Tries (FTT).

What to expect from First Time Tries (FTT)? Every once in awhile, I'll be trying out new things, It could be once a month, twice a month, every other month... it just depends; there's no specific time in which I would post, just when I feel like trying out something new. I like crafting and diys so more than likely it'll be based on that but it's open to anything that I'll be trying for the first time.

I'll be starting today with FTT with a Valentine's post so be on the look for that.😁 See ya'll soon and Happy Valentine's Day! Take care and God bless! 💕

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