First Time Tries (FTT) - Valentine's Day Edition: DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberries

By Lifeofpjern - February 14, 2019

First Time Tries (FTT) - Valentine's Day Edition: DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberries

What I used:

Chocolate Chips
Baking Cups

The first thing I did was to clean up the strawberries and wash them off. I regret cutting off the stems from the strawberries when it came time to dipping them into the chocolate because it made it hard not to leave imprints.
I laid down the baking cups so it could be ready for when it was time to place the strawberries there once I finished dipping the strawberries into the chocolate.
Next, I melted down the chocolate but I ended up overheating it. I was so bummed out but I was able to salvage it by adding small amounts of hot water, mixing it together, and then heating it up in intervals of 10 seconds until it became melted chocolate. It still had some crumbles but I was able to use it.
I dipped every strawberry into the melted chocolate and placed them on the baking cups. Sadly, I placed them in the freezer to later find out that you're supposed to let them cool on their own or place them inside the refrigerator.
Final look. This was finally when I took them out and let them settle before I could eat them with my family. They may not have been like the gourmet chocolate covered strawberries that one may buy but they were still edible and delicious. Did I succeed? Kinda lol I did make some mistakes but at least I tried and now I know what to do in the future if I ever do plan on doing more chocolate covered strawberries. I wonder what will I try next, stay tune hehe 😅

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