Exploring... The Dr Pepper Museum and Pie Five (Mini Waco Road Trip Part 2)

By Lifeofpjern - January 25, 2018

Since we left pretty early from The Magnolia Market at the Silos, we decided to check something nearby and The Dr Pepper Museum was literally across the street.
It consists of two buildings, the first one is where you get to see the Dr. Pepper exhibit displayed all over 3 floors. The second one consists of their Gift Shop (Peggy Pepper’s Emporium), their Food Stand (Frosty’s Soda Shop), and the continuation of their exhibit (Emerson Holt – Ted Getterman Exhibit Gallery).
Since there was so many things to look at, we spent most of our day there, checking everything out and buying things from their gift shop. I would suggest that if you have time, check out Groupon or LivingSocial for deals to the exhibit. We paid the regular admission, but if I had looked online beforehand, not only would have our tickets been cheaper, we could of gotten a free 12oz. fountain drink as well.
Afterwards, we went to Pie Five to eat before we left Waco. The pizzas as well as their side options were delicious and inexpensive. You can either get your pizza as one of their customized pizza recipes or you can built your own the way you'd like. We loved their food so much that we found a Pie Five close to home and ate there already lol If you live near a Pie Five, check them out, trust, you'll love it. If you'd like to see if there is a location near you, click here.

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