2020 New Year's Resolution + Jern's Book Club

By Lifeofpjern - January 15, 2020

Happy 2020 Everyone! New Year, New Decade. My main New Year's Resolution for this year is to read more. I honestly need to better my speech/grammar/vocabulary and what better way than to read books. I actually went and bought some books, Christian books, to not only help me with my linguistics skills but also to grow spiritually as well. I decided that I wanted to read books both in Spanish and in English, starting with one English book and one Spanish book each month, which then I came up with the idea of Jern's Book Club.
What is Jern's Book Club?
Jern's Book Club is my online book club. I'll be picking at least one English book and one Spanish book to read each month. The books will mainly consist of Christian books, but not necessarily. I'll be posting each month what books I'll be reading and if you'd like to join me and be part of my book club, you can do so by sign up below. Looking forward to starting and working on this New Year's Resolution. Take care and God bless! 😁💓

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