Outgoing Mail to the USA, Germany, and Indonesia + Day 9 of Love Letter Writing

By Lifeofpjern - December 11, 2018

Today is Day 9 of 12 Days of Love Letter Writing. Today's Christmas cards are headed to K from Hawaii for the More Love Letters Christmas Campaign, to my regular pen pals from Germany and Indonesia, and to my my prison pen pals from the USA.

To K in Hawaii:
Christmas Card
K's story:
A friend of K shared part of her story. Her friend wrote: “I’ve known K since freshman year of high school. We played soccer together and became fast friends. Earlier this summer, K’s dad died of suicide. It was devastating for her family, their friends, and those who knew him. K is a loving, compassionate, and wonderful human being. She’s smart (finishing up her last year of law school) and going places. It would mean the world to her to receive love letters, especially from those who have experienced a similar trauma. I think K needs some love from this universe, and what better way than in the form of a love letter?

If you would like to write to Kplease do so at:

K’s bundle
℅ Kat A.
P.O. Box 769
Makawao, HI 86768

Your letter to K must be postmarked by December 20, 2018.

To my regular pen pals and prison pen pals in the USA, Germany, and Indonesia:
How one of the Envelopes looked
How one of the Christmas Cards looked
All of the cards together:

Remember if you would like to receive a Christmas card from me, check out the Christmas Card Project Page for more information.

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