Exploring... Hemisfair Park & Con Safos Cocina y Cantina (San Antonio Road Trip Part 1)

By Lifeofpjern - October 18, 2018

This past Summer I was able to go on a weekend road trip with my family to San Antonio. We left Friday evening and arrived at San Antonio late at night. By the time that we were able to check into the hotel and finally get to explore San Antonio, it was already close to midnight. The only thing opened at that time was Hemisfair Park.
When I got to the park, I saw there was a sign for one of their restaurants so I went looking for it. Unfortunately, that restaurant was actually closed but another one was opened: Con Safos Cocina y Cantina.
Since it was late, they didn't offer any food, just drinks. The only thing that they did offer that wasn't alcoholic was a virgin lemonade slush so that's what I got. Apart from that, I liked their prayer neon hands hanging inside as well as the outside views.
After I finished my virgin lemonade slush, I checked all the corners of Hemisfair Park. It had a lot of neat things and it was close to a lot of interesting places.
Lighting display in front of UNAM-San Antonio (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
I like how you can see the hotel that I stayed at in the background.
Sideshow, 2015
CommonWealth Coffeehouse
After cheeking out most of the park, Yanaguana Garden and playground to be exact, I went to check out the side of the park that had the Tower of the Americas.
Tower of the Americas
There were several water features surrounding the Tower Plaza as well as an art installation: Alas de México. The Alas de México (Wings of Mexico) was a gift made by Jorge Marín that was given to San Antonio to celebrate its 300th year.
Alas de México at night
The Alas de México are set up to take a selfie with the wings. I took some selfies but wasn't too successful due to it being too dark. Afterwards, it was getting late so I went back to my hotel. On my way back I got to see a part of the Riverwalk since my hotel is located on the Riverwalk.
Riverwalk at night
Lila Cockrell Theatre
Although I wasn't able to do much on the first day, I like how I was still able to explore San Antonio at night.

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