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By Lifeofpjern - September 17, 2018

BURGERFI has several locations all over the USA. The one that my family and I went to try out was in Arlington, TX.
Whenever I go to Tiff's Treats in Arlington, I always see this burger place and wanted to check it out.
We ordered:

BurgerFi Cheeseburger
Natural Angus Burger, American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato with BurgerFi Sauce on the side plus jalapeños

BurgerFi Bacon burger
Double Bacon and Double Natural Angus Beef

VegeFi Burger
Crispy Quinoa + Pure-Cut Veggie Burger, White Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato on a Multigrain Bun with BurgerFi Sauce on the side



Oreo Shake

The burger was good but what stole the show was the onion rings. They're so huge and delicious, if you plan on going, definitely get the Cry+Fry as your side.

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