My Drama of the Month is... Queen of the Ring

By Lifeofpjern - August 15, 2018

The Drama of the Month is... Queen of the Ring

Drama Teaser

Queen of the Ring is a 2017 Korean Drama of a girl named Mo Nan-Hee who isn't considered the "standard pretty" girl. She finds it hard getting boys attention, especially her crush, Park Se-Gun. With the help of a magical family ring, she's able to change into Park Se-Gun ideal type.

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Spoiler Alert Ahead
Reason(s) why I liked the Drama 
For me there isn't much contrast in beauty between Nan-Hee and Park Se-Gun's ideal type (who turns out to be Nan-Hee's irl friend, Kang Mi-Joo) like the drama made it seem. You see Nan-Hee struggling with her appearance but as the drama continues, she finds the beauty in "ugly" things like apples. Also, I like that with time Se-Gun actually cares about the real Nan-Hee without him even realizing it. You see the funny yet emotional aspects come out in this drama, plus it's only 6 episodes long so it won't take you too long to watch it all. Definitely a cute drama to watch and it’ll make you believe in love💓.

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