Sunday Worship Song (SWS) and Drama of the Month

By Lifeofpjern - June 01, 2018

Hi Everyone 😁

Lately I have been busy so I wasn't able to post as much as I would like to, but starting this month I'm going to try to post more things on this blog. With that, I want to add two new features to this blog: Sunday Worship Song (SWS) and Drama of the Month.

Sunday Worship Song (SWS): Since I'm a Christian and one of my NYRs was to get closer to God, I thought what better way to do it than to start off each week with worship music. Every Sunday I will be sharing a worship song with ya'll called SWS and I will make a playlist on Spotify like I did with WSW.

Drama of the Month: As I have aforementioned before, I'm a big fan of dramas and I would like to share a drama with y'all every month. I'll be sharing the Drama of the Month at the beginning of the month so that way y'all will have the whole month to watch it. More than likely they'll either be Korean or Taiwanese/Chinese dramas since those are the ones I tend to like more. I'll be giving a small overview of the drama at the beginning of the post and then give out spoiler alerts on why I liked that certain drama at the end of the post. I most likely will be posting romance dramas since I'm a sucker for love and these dramas will be classic dramas mixed with newer dramas as time goes by.

*Disclaimer: When I start off any drama I pick the characters I root for, mostly it's the first lead with the main character but sometimes it can be the second lead. Either way, I will stick with that ship & if it doesn't go that way then I rather just stop watching the drama altogether (i.e. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, when she stopped liking JiSoo's character, I had to quit the drama). With that, you'll be getting dramas where the people I ship will end up together & hopefully you'll like my otps.*

I'm also thinking of adding a Bible Verse of the Week in the future as well but I'm not sure yet, time will tell. Well, take care and God bless! 💕

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