My first Drama of the Month is... Moon River

By Lifeofpjern - June 11, 2018

*Disclaimer: When I start off any drama I pick the characters I root for, mostly it's the first lead with the main character but sometimes it can be the second lead. Either way, I will stick with that ship & if it doesn't go that way then I rather just stop watching the drama altogether (i.e. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, when she stopped liking JiSoo's character, I had to quit the drama). With that, you'll be getting dramas where the people I ship will end up together & hopefully you'll like my otps.*

My first Drama of the Month is... Moon River

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Moon River is a 2015 Taiwanese Drama based on the 2009 Korean Drama: Boys Over Flowers. The main character, Ming Xiao Xi, is accepted into a prestigious University due to her athleticism (Kung Fu) unlike the other students who are primarily privileged rich kids. When she mistakenly tries to help someone from her hometown, she ends up having to deal with the 3 main leaders of the Elite Union at that school: Mu Liu Bing, Feng Jian Che, and Dong Hao Nan, which causes a major shift in the leaders friendship and lives.

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Spoiler Alert Ahead
Reason(s) why I liked the Drama 
In this drama, the main girl, Xiao Xi, is in a "love triangle" with Liu Bing and Che. I liked how when she acknowledged that she actually liked someone, and that someone being Liu Bing, from that moment on no matter how hard things were between them or when Che confessed to her that he liked her, she made it clear that she only liked Liu Bing. Unlike in the Boys Over Flowers drama, where the main character, Geum Jan-di, was also in a "love triangle" with 2 out of the 4 popular kids at her school that would go by F4, Gu Jun-pyo and Yoon Ji-hoo, where she liked Yoon Ji-hoo at first but Gu Jun-pyo slowly won her over and she ended up seeing Gu Jun-pyo as her love interest while Yoon Ji-hoo was her "soulmate" that is a friend. To me it doesn't make sense, cause I see a soulmate like Xiao Xi does, where someone is everything you, your friend and the person that you love. In this drama, both Xiao Xi and Liu Bing faces hardship but they stay faithful to each other, in the good times and in the bad and I mean really bad times (even though it may not look like that from Liu Bing in some cases). You get to see them fall in love with each other and then see how they overcame hardships in life by leaning on each other when things might not seem to ever be okay between them. It's a tearjerker, well I at least cried a lot while watching it, but it's such a good drama that I like to rewatch it once in awhile when I get a chance. If you're interested in dramas and haven't seen this drama yet, please check it out when you have a chance and let me know what you think.

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