Exploring... Nickelmania

By Lifeofpjern - April 06, 2018

Nickelmania is an arcade located in Carrollton, TX.
It's an arcade where one can play games with nickels rather than dollars or quarters. There's an admission price of $2.49 + tax per person. Then, just play whatever game you want to play depending on the tokens it needs. For instance, a game that takes 5 tokens, usually would cost you a $1.25 with quarters, with nickels, it'll only be 25 cents!
 We tend to go play arcade games in places like Dave and Busters or Alley Cats, but we never played as many games as we played that day cause with nickels instead of quarters, your money goes further so you can play more games. We literally played the Candy Crush game until we got the 1,000 ticket bonus lol Plus, I love that even in their prizes, they had Jesus toys so we had to get all the Jesus figurines as memorabilia. If you live in the DFW area, definitely take your family there cause it'll be an inexpensive place to take them.

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