Exploring... Velvet Taco

By Lifeofpjern - September 29, 2017

While I was looking for another taco restaurant in Forth Worth, TX, I ended up trying out Velvet Taco instead mainly due to a wrong address and google maps lol

From their menu,my family and I tried the following items:

#1 Buffalo chicken
crisp tenders, house buffalo sauce, Danish bleu cheese, ranch crema, carrots, micro celery, flour tortilla

#2 Rotisserie chicken
white queso, roast corn pico, cilantro, smoked poblano salsa, corn tortilla

#16 Fish n' chips
curry mayo, malted french fries, house shred, beer battered Atlantic cod, pea tendrils, flour tortilla

#19 Bacon, egg frittata
crisp tots, chili butter, smoked cheddar, ranchero salsa, micro greens, corn tortilla

Red curry coconut queso
blue chips, pickled onion, thai basil

'Elote' corn
queso fresco, asadero cheese, Valentina, crema, lime

On most of the things we ordered we ended up customizing them plus we ordered several of each item. I really didn't care much for my type of tacos (#1 and #16) but my family liked theirs so that's good. We did ended up paying almost $60 for the meal but we did order more than the usual to try things out so it's understandable why it cost so much.

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