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By Lifeofpjern - September 06, 2017

The Juice Bar in Dallas is exactly what you would want from a juicing store. Not only do they offer juices, they also offer smoothies, bowls and a variety of other healthy things. When I would go to Berrynaked, I would always pass by The Juice Bar and wanted to try it out but never had the chance. Yesterday, I wanted a snack so I went to Berrynaked but they were closed so I decided to go try out The Juice Bar instead.
Me and my mom ended up getting, the Supper Skinny juice, the Yummy Yogurt bowl, and the Green Energy smoothie.

Supper Skinny
Cucumber, kale, spinach, lemon, ginger, cayenne

(It's basically their healthier version of the Skinny Greens juice. It has everything that the Skinny Greens juice has except for green apple.)

Yummy Yogurt
base: greek yogurt, chopped almonds, chia seeds, Texas honey, cinnamon
topping: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries

Green Energy
Coconut water, cucumber, kale, avocado, lemon

Super Skinny- It tasted delicious plus it has 0 sugars and carbs which was perfect for my mom who is diabetic.
Yummy Yogurt - So good!!! I've always been a fan of almonds and honey so having those mixed together with the other ingredients really came together to make such a wonderful taste.
Green Energy - It was ok only because the avocado threw me off. I guess I'm used to eating avocado as a topping on Mexican food, not so much on a juice/smoothie.

Now the prices do vary with what you get. I believe the juice was $7.50, the smoothie $8.50, and the bowl $10. Overall, me and my mom loved what we had so we plan on going frequently to this place. We already decided on going again tomorrow lol

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