WINNER is back!!!

By Lifeofpjern - August 04, 2017

Yes, My Winner baes are back!!!

Ok so if you don't know who Winner is, they're a Kpop group from YG Entertainment. YG has well known groups under his label with Big Bang as their most well known Kpop group (they're literally Kpop Kings). So my top top top groups are Winner and Big Bang. When it comes to Winner I feel like an overprotective nuna since I basically knew them from the beginning. Because of that, I support them in everything they do and I'm so happy that they're back. They deserve everything that's good in this world. So without further ado, here is their new music, Island and Love Me Love Me:

Island M/V

Love Me Love Me M/V

Which one is your favorite? 
Place your vote in the weekly poll. I like both songs but I think I like Island more.
Support Winner, buy their music and listen on Spotify.

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